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Complete Gold Jewellery buying guide

Festival season is around us; therefore, gold demand also increases because people prefer to buy gold jewellery to celebrate the festivals. It is a precious gift to show pure love to your beloved ones. The selection of valuable jewels is essential because many types of jewellery are in the market.

It is a precious metal in the whole world and plays a major role in various cultures and occasions. Gifting a piece of jewellery is a common culture in India and Middle East countries to show off love. China has a tradition which is gifting pixiu gold jewellery to get nonstop wealth and cut-off evil spirits.

This article will give a brief knowledge to the buyer when they plan to buy gold jewellery in this festival season.

Importance Of Gold Jewellery In Various Cultures And Occasions.

Indian bride adorned with exquisite gold jewellery

Indians give first place for gold in their wedding functions, and they prefer to wear heavy design jewellery on their special occasions. They give gold jewellery as a dowry to the bride at their weddings, but the Arab cultures are different; bride groom and their family gift a set of gold jewellery to the bride to welcome her to their homes. European people also prefer to wear gold on special occasions, such as gold being used to make their engagement and wedding rings which indicates the purity of gold and elegant necklace are worn by them, which increase the elegant looks in women.

Understanding Gold Purity And Karats.

Close-up inspection of a pure gold piece,

Definition of gold purity and karats.

Karat is very familiar with us in day-to-day life. Gold is available in different karats in the market. Karat is the measuring unit of the purity of gold. We will guide you to differentiate the different gold karats in the jewellery market.

Different gold karat values and their implications.

  1. 24K is unadulterated gold which consists of 99.9% of gold. Pure gold is not suitable for jewellery-making purposes. However, it is used to make coins, bars and some medical purposes.
  1. 22K is adulterated gold, and the ratio between gold and other metals is 22:2 parts. It can be used to make plain gold jewellery.
  1. 18K is adulterated gold, and the ratio between gold and other metals is 18:6 parts. It can be used to make gold engagement rings and wedding rings because of its high durability.
  1. 14K is adulterated gold, and the ratio between gold and other metal is 14:8 parts. It can be used to make daily wear jewellery.
  1. 10K is contaminated gold, and the proportion between gold and other metal is 10:14 parts. It can be used to make simple pieces of jewellery collections.

Factors to consider when choosing the right gold karat value.

  1. Purpose of the jewellery: you must consider the purpose of the jewellery when you choose the gold karat value because every karat is not suitable for all types of accessories.
  1. Durability and strength: Durability and strength are determined by the adulterated percentage of other metals. 10K is the highest durable gold type, and the colour is not the same as other karats, which are a pale yellow colour.
  1. Price and affordability: The price is directly affected by the karat of gold because 24K is the most expensive, and the price depends on the percentage of pure gold. When you buy gold accessories, you should select them according to your affordability.
  1. Allergies and sensitivities: You must think about when you have sensitive skin because low karat of gold can be caused skin irritation because of some metals adulterated in 14K and 10K golds.

Hallmarking And Certification.

100g 999 gold bars

Importance of hallmarking for gold jewellery.

Gold jewellery is valuable, and we can not afford to take risks financially without any certification of gold purity. Hallmark is the process that confirms the quality and purity of gold. Hallmarked jewellery is recommended to purchase because there are many duplicated gold ornaments in the current gold market.

Types of gold certifications.

There are many gold jewellery certifications in the global market.

BIS Hallmarking (India).

The second largest gold market in the world is India, and BIS hallmarking is the certification process which is given in India to confirm gold purity from April 2000.

Assay Office Mark (UK).

This is the first gold hall marking process in the world, which was started by the Goldsmiths' Company over 700 years. The assay office is hallmarked in London, which is a safeguard for people who buy these jewels. This ensures the purity of golf to buyers so they can buy without any hesitations.

Other international certifications.

The Ghana Standards Authority (GSA) is also giving hallmarked gold certificates which ensure the purity and weight of gold jewellery. GSA is created more than ten international standards of gold production in the world.

Dubai is also a popular gold ornaments market in the world. Bareeq Certification is used in Dubai to sell ornaments in the market, which is given by Dubai Central Laboratories Department (DCLD).

How to check for hallmarks and certifications.

There are many faked hallmarked jewellery in the market, which knows as "Dappa hallmarking". When you buy gold, you should confirm the hallmark sign on your gold and here are some tips to find out.

  1. Check the symbol of the hallmark.
  2. Check the jeweller's hallmark license.
  3. Check your ornaments from Assaying and Hallmarking Centres (AHC) by paying a small amount of money.

Understanding Gold Jewellery Prices.

Gold price chart with a stack of dollar bills and a 999 gold bar

Factors affecting gold jewellery prices.

Gold jewellery is valuable, and the price of gold is changing day to day, which depends on the demand and supply of gold. Several factors affect gold jewellery prices in the market, so buyers should know about these factors, which help to buy gold at an affordable price according to their budget.

Gold's market value.

Gold's market value changes every day, which is evaluated by the currency value of the country in the world. In some seasons of the year, gold prices increase because of high demand in the market.

Karat value.

Karat plays a major role in determining the price of gold jewellery because 24K is the purest gold, and 22K and other karats are combined with other metals, so the price of gold directly depends on the karat the value of gold. 22K is a highly expensive type of gold to make accessories because 24K is soft and cannot use to make them.

Craftsmanship and design.

The pricing of gold jewellery is determined by its craftsmanship and design of them because artisans are working on sculpting and polishing to make gold into unique designs of adornments. The cost of making accessories is also added when you buy gold, so there is a price difference between raw gold and gold jewellery.

Brand reputation and overhead.

Brand reputation is a key matter to determining the pricing of gold jewellery because people trust the jewellers on their reputation in the market, and they have a huge demand. Therefore, the pricing of gold also slightly changes on brand reputation and overhead.

Tips for getting the best value for your money.

When buying golden accessories, use these tips to get the best value for your money.       

Comparing prices between different stores.

When you are decided to buy gold jewellery, you should double-check the price between different stores in the city because there is a price difference between jewellers.

Considering sales and discounts.

In some seasonal periods, most opt to buy golden ornaments. The reason is jewellers give huge discounts to the consumer to increase the attention of buyers. There is always competition between jewellers to sell a high amount of gold in a particular season.

Opting for simpler designs.

Commonly simpler designs are cheaper than designer accessories because there is a very low cost of making. When you buy gold for saving money purpose, a simpler design is the best choice for you.

The need for making informed decisions when purchasing gold jewellery.

Sometimes consumers do not have all the information that they want before buying a product or service. This can make them take wrong decisions and lead them to lose their money without fulfilling their needs. Informed buying decisions are helped to collect relevant information before you buy a product. Gold accessories are a very expensive product which should be purchased under-informed buying decisions for future saving purposes.

Choosing The Right Gold Jewellery Style And Design.

Gold Jewelries

Popular gold jewellery designs.

There are many gold adornments designs available in the market. Style and designs of adornments are changed from time to time which depends on current trends. Here are some of the designs of jewellery in the market.

Traditional designs.

The traditional gold jewellery design has a unique place in wedding functions and other temple and family rituals which gives a propitious vibe to you. Commonly traditional dress is perfectly matched with these types of temple design accessories that bring a festive vibe to the occasion.

Contemporary designs.

Contemporary designs are not just a piece of adornment which indicates your style statement and increases your gorgeous looks. There are some designs, especially when you select a gold necklace design for the party in a contemporary design which adds more beauty to wear with a modern party dress.

Minimalist designs.

Minimalist designs are perfect for corporate working women, which gives a simple and elegant look to them for everyday wearing purposes. Most casual dresses are easily cohesive with minimal gold jewellery and are most suitable for office-wearing purposes.

Factors to consider when selecting a gold accessories design.

There are several factors to consider when you are selecting a design. We will give some ideas to select the most suitable piece of ornament for your special occasions.

Personal style and preferences.

Personal preference is a driving force in selecting an appropriate piece of adornment according to your style. We all are human and do not have choices among ourselves, and each individual has their own opinions, which change the selection of gold jewellery design.

Occasion and purpose.

The purpose of the adornments and what is the occasion that we are going to wear also change the selection of them. For example, selecting a gold ring for the engagement and selecting a gold ring for other occasions is different.   

Cultural and regional influences.

Cultural and regional influences determined the selection of accessories. We always prefer to wear jewellery which is suitable to our culture. So most Indian like to wear heavy designs of adornments on their wedding and special occasion. After all, they think that it is their identity in the world. Most Europe women prefer to wear minimal gold jewellery to get an elegant look. The selection of gold jewellery is directly changed according to culture and region. 

Customizing gold jewellery designs.

Customization of gold jewellery is a new trend in the market, which increases customer satisfaction. When you select gold engagement rings, customization is a good option because we can add our names to our engagement rings. Customized pendant with names also is a current trend to present to your loved ones. So this is a good choice to make your loved one happy.

Tips For Maintaining And Caring For Gold Jewellery.

 cleaning a piece of gold jewelry

There are some points which should keep your mind to maintain and care for gold jewellery.

Proper storage of gold jewellery.

Proper storage method is important to keep gold jewellery of good quality for a long period of time and keep shining them without any changes. The storage box is a simple method to keep accessories for a long time and wrap each piece of ornament in a cloth piece which prevents scratches to jewellery.

Cleaning and polishing gold jewellery.

You have to clean the accessories once a year by using soap and water, which is a popular method to keep them shining. Here are steps to polish gold jewellery,

  1. Soak them in the soap water for 10-15 minutes
  2. Take a small brush and scrub the accessory pieces slowly
  3. Rinse off the soap water
  4. Dry the pieces by using soft cloths

Professional maintenance and repair services.

Gold jewellery is valuable and should be properly maintained to retain its actual quality. If you find any huge scratches, you want to go immediately to get professional helps to get rid of that appropriate problems. You should have a look at your gold jewellery at least once a year, and proper supervision is important to keep your gold in good condition for a long period of time.

Insuring your gold jewellery.

Insuring your gold jewellery is important to keep your sentimental piece of accessories from any damages and losses. A specialized adornments insurer is a good option to protect your jeweller, who will assist in covering the cost of repairing your when you have proper jewellery insurance.

Sum Up.

Thus, gold is one of the most precious things in the world and a good source of investment in the world because the value of gold is increasing day by day.

If you are buying gold jewellery without sufficient knowledge, It could lead to the wrong buying decisions. The informed buying process is encouraged by jewellers because buying trends of consumers are changed. And also, they need more information about particular adornments which they prefer to buy in the market. Furthermore, Hallmarked is a process which acts as a safeguard to buyers and gives more trust in gold jewellery.

Finally, investing in gold can be the best option which can help to overcome the economic crisis problems and keep your economic level in stable condition. However, you should buy good quality ornaments because duplicate gold is roaming everywhere in the market. So be aware of this particular issue and keep it in your mind. Hope now you can buy more gold jewels with the proper knowledge for your loved ones to make them happy. Best of luck!!
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