7 reasons why your gold jewellery is valuable

7 reasons why your gold jewellery is valuable

Gold is a very important metal that is used to make jewellery. Compared to other metals, gold jewellery has received great value in society. Also, gold is a metal that has been used to produce gold items since ancient times. Therefore, an item made of gold is something whose value is increasing day by day beyond imagination. So have you ever wondered why these gold ornaments are so expensive?

If you are also reading this article, you must be wearing gold jewellery regularly or rarely. On the other hand, you may be more anxious to wear gold items, especially when going on an important trip or going to an event. So have you ever wondered why the gold jewellery you wear is so expensive? Today's article will share seven reasons why your gold jewellery is precious.

It is a good Investment.

It is a good Investment

If you have gold jewellery with you, it is a significant investment in your life. Since gold is a precious metal, the value of gold jewellery made from that metal is equally high. In today's society, we often say gold is another way of showing our assets. So that's why its value is definitely higher. Today, there are many places in the country to cash out your gold jewellery whenever you want. Also, imagine that when there is an epidemic situation in the country, if you have gold jewellery, its value will increase quickly, and the price of gold jewellery also increases.

So, if you have gold jewellery, you will be able to get more value from it than if you have money. Also, most of the time, you will get the opportunity to sell your gold jewellery at a higher value than you would buy it. Therefore, you can get more profit at that time. Also, you can get the facility of keeping a loan from your gold jewellery. Under the payment method, you can get your gold item back after paying for it. So, gold is actually a valuable investment in your life.

Gold has a finite supply.

Gold has a finite supply

Gold is a scarce and valuable metal. It is said to be found in rocks dating back to about 4.5 billion years ago. Gold can be found in many different ways and is often found in the earth's deep layers, volcanic eruptions, volcanoes, and the bottom of the ocean. The gold jewellery we use daily, such as gold earrings, chains, and rings, is made from gold in different places like this.

We have seen that not only jewellery but also various other items are also made from gold. Also, since many of these have already been found, their supply is already minimal. So, one thing we know theoretically is that if the supply of something is limited, its value is definitely higher. So that's why the value of this gold is very high because of its finite supply.

Widely accepted as a form of cash.

Widely accepted as a form of cash

Just imagine that you probably can't go and live in another country with the currency used in the country that you live in. In most cases, you will have to convert the currency of the country you live in into the currency of the country you wish to visit before taking it with you. But if you have gold jewellery, it will be valid in any country. Also, you will get the value of gold in the country you are thinking of going to in the same way.

It's a method that has been used since ancient times. This enables gold to be introduced as an extremely valuable transaction unit. For example, imagine you need to go to a middle east country and buy something there. But if you give them the money in the country you live in, they won't accept that money because the money writers in their country are different.

But imagine that you have gold items made of genuine gold purchased from any country. (Take note, this is mentioning pure gold jewellery, not gold-platted gold jewellery) So, in this case, you can deal with them without any problem with the gold jewellery you have. But this is often done using gold coins and gold bars. But if you have gold ornaments, it will be fine to do your transactions. Yet, depending on the time and the economic condition of that country, the value of your gold jewellery may decrease or increase a little.

It has more durability.

It has more durability

As mentioned earlier, gold is a very precious metal that can last for a long time. Therefore, gold ornaments made of this metal have the same qualities as gold. So if you have gold jewellery made of gold, its durability and value are definitely high. This is because gold has unique properties that few precious metals can claim. Gold can resist rust and tarnish. Also, if we talk about corrosion, gold corrodes only in specific situations.

That means that the possibility of damage to gold is significantly less. Gold has survived for a long time because of these properties, from history until today. Gold discovered billions and millions of years ago, still survives today due to its durability and unique properties. If you have jewellery made of other metals, compare it with jewellery made of gold. Often the jewellery made of white iron etc. rusts very quickly, and if you look closely at the gold jewellery you have, it is significantly less rusted and damaged. It is because of its long-lasting properties.

It can reflect your social status.

It has more durability

Gold is a metal that was discovered billions of years ago. And from the evidence we have, we know that gold jewellery made from gold is something that people have been using since ancient times. Much evidence has been found that essential people in almost all countries, starting from royal families, wore gold ornaments. So it can be seen that gold is an asset people have used throughout history to show their wealth. It is very important for your social position if you have gold jewellery or any kind of gold. That is, an opinion is often formed in society that those with gold items are of higher social status. Many people prefer to wear gold jewellery to travel and participate in festivals.

Although most women wear jewellery, there is a greater preference for wearing gold jewellery among men. When it comes to gold, people prefer to wear and use not only gold jewellery but also various other items made of gold. For example, today, many people prefer to use gold, telephones made of gold, vehicles made of gold, etc. Also, because gold is a metal that has existed since the past and wearing gold jewellery from those gold items is a tradition that has been going on since ancient times, we cannot take it wrong. So if you have gold jewellery, it can actually reflect your social position.

Value survives even in uncertain times.

Value survives even in uncertain times

Let us consider the situation of the world epidemic covid-19. During that time, due to the economic instability in the countries, the value of the units of many currencies inflated, and the people's standard of living decreased a lot. But the price of gold never fell in value. Also, many people were very tempted to give their money and buy gold. The reason for this is that gold is a metal that remains valuable even in times of insecurity.

Those who could not buy gold as coins or bars were encouraged to buy gold as ornaments and jewellery. And that's how the world knows the United States when talking about the price of gold ornaments. We can see that every time the value of a dollar decreases, the value of gold increases. 

Gold is the noblest of all the metals.

Gold is the noblest of all the metals

Gold is a nobler metal than all other metals; because gold is the only metal whose colour is yellow or gold. Therefore, when manufacturing gold jewellery, the colour is very important compared to jewellery made of other metals. The colour of gold jewellery is exceptional because of the original colour of gold. All other metals get that colour only when they are oxidized or after they are treated with other chemicals.

And gold is a very strong metal. For example, if we take twenty-eight grams of gold, we can pull it eight kilometres. This is because such a large amount of gold has tenacity. Because gold jewellery made of gold contains that tenacity too, the ability to break is less for those gold jewellery. So it is another kind of value in gold jewellery. And also, gold is a very soft and easily bendable metal compared to other metals.

And another remarkable thing is that although gold is a hefty solid metal, it is not toxic at all, so most of the time, people in today's world use gold metal pellets for food and drinks. Also, due to the non-toxicity of gold, even wearing jewellery made from it does not cause any harm to people.

Similarly, gold is relatively unreactive, and gold directly resists various acidic and alkaline conditions, such as air humidity. Also, a unique acid mixture called aqua regia is used to dissolve gold. So looking at it that way, gold is a very noble metal; because of that, gold jewellery made out of gold is also precious.



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