What Is Pixiu And How Is It Related To Gold Jewellery

What Is Pixiu And How Is It Related To Gold Jewellery

There is a special place for Pixiu in Chinese culture, which is a special creature that brings wealth to people. Simply said, that is a lucky charm of the Chinese. Everyone prefers to be wealthy, so Pixiu is changed into a piece of ornament and worn to get power continuously from Pixiu.

Some people will have a statue of auspicious animals in their homes and workplaces to attract more wealth and energy. If you are searching for good luck in your life, buying a special creature is a shortcut method in Chinese mythology.

1. A Brief Explanation Of Pixiu.

Chinese mythology Pixiu

As mentioned above, it is a Chinese mythical creature, and the wearer can get much luck and wealth in their life. Generally, it was a ferocious beast. According to history, fortune beasts had two genders (both male and female), ‘‘Pi’’ was indicated male and ‘‘Xiu’’ was indicated female. Nowadays, it is considered single-sex.

Significance of fortune beast in Chinese Culture and Mythology.        

Pixiu is the "Fortune Beast" of Chinese culture which preserves the people's wealth from losses. Most Chinese are believed that it gives propitious and success to their life, that is, the offspring of the dragon, which is the protector of Feng Shui.

The growing popularity of Pixiu in gold jewellery.

Pixiu is a Chinese hybrid creature, and wealth protection is the main role of this creature. Wearing it as an ornament is the most popular way to get benefits from it. Particularly it can be worn as bracelets, rings and necklaces.

Gold is a precious metal and can keep for a long period without discolouration. So when it is made of gold, it can be used for long periods and get more wealth to its wearer. This is the reason the popularity of hybrid creatures in gold jewellery has been increasing in recent years.

2. The Legend Of Pixiu.

Pixiu and Dragon

Pixiu is the ninth and last son of the Dragon King, basically, which is a propitious characteristic animal. There are totally five propitious animals which are dragon, phoenix, turtle, Kylin and Pixiu, in Chinese culture.

The origin story of a special creature.

The is an ancient creature of Chinese culture which was 2,000 years old. Chinese mythology says that the Dragon King's last son was Pixiu, who was an obedient child. However, his father spoiled him. Then he was changed to a vicious one.

The Roles and Significance of Pixiu in Chinese Mythology.

There is a belief in Chinese mythology the number of children to the dragon king is nine. Pixiu is the last, and the other children are Qiuniu, Yazi, Chaofeng, Pulao, Suanni, Bixi, Bian and Fuxi. Chinese believe that dragons and their sons can have superpowers who can control and dominate the ocean and wind.

The symbolism and attributes of the creature.

Pixiu is a propitious creature which has three parts. They are a head that resembles the Chinese dragon, a body that resembles the body of a lion and horn/ horns in the head, which had one for males and two horns for females. However, there is only one horn in the modern creature of Pixiu.

3. The History Of Fortune Beast In Chinese Art And Culture.


Traditional chinese art work

The evolution of fortune beast representation in various art forms.

This creature was evaluated in many forms in ancient China. Sculptors of auspicious animals are used to protect the place from harmful evil spirits, which know as symbols of good fortune.

You can often see the creature in Chinese sculptures, paintings and other arts. Finally, people preferred to be a piece of treasure to get all the good benefits of it.

The use of auspicious animals in Feng Shui and Chinese architecture.

Feng Shui is a prehistoric Chinese art which includes buildings, things and spaces with their atmosphere to imply euphony. The original meaning of Feng Shui is “The Windway”.

Most Feng Shui practitioners believe that hybrid creature saved their wealth without flowing away from home. There is a myth which protects harmful evil spirits from people.

Cultural beliefs and rituals involving Pixiu.

There are some beliefs and benefits involving this hybrid creature.

  1. Give protection: Most important benefit of this special creature is that it can protect people from unwanted evil energy, which keeps them away from illness and accidents.
  2. Wealth Accumulation: Gold and silver are the staple food of the pixiu, and they fill up the tummy with these metals; that's how that fortune beast is accumulated wealth without going away from you and your home.
  3. Good fortune: This is a symbol of luck which provide good fortune in life. It’s important to help with career and family life.

4. The Connection Between Pixiu And Gold Jewellery.

The Pixiu is the lucky charm of Chinese culture. There is a different meaning when it is made with different such as silver, copper and gold. Among other metals, the special gold creature is the strongest one to retain wealth because it is directly connected with the Chien trigram in heaven.

The symbolism of gold in Chinese culture.

All of us know this fact, and gold is a precious metal in the whole world. There are different cultures in the world. Especially, Chinese culture is one of the oldest and most complex cultures. Gold is a part and parcel of Chinese culture.

Gold and colour are considered important things in Chinese culture, which indicates the symbol of abundance. Wealthy people prefer to wear more gold which is considered a precious gift to show their love in Chinese culture.

How Pixiu and gold complement each other symbolically.

 "Chinese Fortune Charm" is another name for pixiu, which brings good luck when you wear it with you. Gold fortune beast brings success and fortune to your life because gold is a precious metal. Therefore, the power of the luck beast is increased when it is made of gold. Pure solid gold ornament is made for day-to-day wear in recent times.

The auspicious meaning behind Pixiu gold jewellery.

This is Chinese culture that prefers valuable treasures. Also, they can not come out from the body because it has not an anus to excrete out. Likewise, they keep our home full of auspiciousness and fortune.

5. Types And Designs Of Pixiu Gold Jewellery.

Pixiu and chinese gold jewelry

There are different types of pixie gold ornaments, such as necklaces, rings, bracelets and pendants. Different forms of this jewellery should wear them properly to get all benefits from them.

Traditional Pixiu gold jewellery designs.

You can see some different types of traditional gold designs in the market. These are not out of fashion and are used in recent times also.

  1. Pixiu gold bracelets: These are popular lucky charm treasures to keep wealthy in Chinese culture.
  2. Pixiu gold Rings: many people around the world are wearing these rings to get benefits from them. This ornament is world-famous because of its character.
  3. Pixiu Gold Necklace: This helps to get wealthy who are in the necessity consists of the forwarded face of a winged lion.

Modern interpretations and adaptations of Pixiu gold jewellery.

There is a modern adaptation which can be seen in Pixiu gold treasures also. Personal preference plays a major role in customizing the jewels according to their personal Choice. Some innovative market brands change the art of traditional Pixiu jewellery into modern and fashionable jewels. Modern gold ornaments easily match any of your attire because of the evaluation of modern adaptations.

Modern 22K yellow gold Pixiu pendant that has been prepared by masterfully crafted to give a modern look and also protect from evil spirits and bring good luck, power and prosperity in your whole life. Modern Pixiu gold treasure is a minimal design which gives a charming look at the same time, gives spiritual benefits you.

The Influence of Pixiu on popular jewellery trends.

Many new jewellers are focusing on changing their trends to empower your life with the right selection of adornments. Pixiu jewellery is not only giving propitious to the soul but also gives an elegant look. So jewellers are continuously researching to reach the popular trendy jewellery which fulfils their customer satisfaction.

Jewellers are inspired by the ancient art of Fengshui and prepare trendy ornaments to empower you to wear jewellery with elegance and confidence.

6. The Role Of Pixiu Gold Jewellery In Modern Fashion And Culture.

Moden gold and Pixiu

Pixiu gold jewellery is becoming a trend in recent years which is a trendy ornament to wear with modern outfits also. "Money Magnet" has been used to mention the pixiu gold ornaments in recent days because of the special characteristics of the jewellery.

The growing popularity of Pixiu gold jewellery among different age groups.

You should know this fact about Pixiu Jewel, which is growing their popularity day by day among all age groups. This is not limited to old or young age groups but is also preferred wear by everyone.

There is a myth that Pixiu jewellery can be worn except for children who are below 16 and more than 70 years old adults because they are unable to deal with vital power emitted by this lucky symbol. Wearing precious charms is prohibited for pregnant mothers because they are physically weak. The popularity of Pixiu gold jewellery is increased because they bring good luck to your life, which can be changed your lifestyle also. Commonly charm and beautiful designs of lucky symbols are preferred wear by a young aged group of people.

The impact of Pixiu gold Jewellery on the global market.

This jewellery brings lots of good things to the life of the wearer; that's what pixiu called a "fortune beast" Absolutely! This is not limited to China. All over the world, people also believe that it brings good luck in their life.

In recent times, demand for this particular piece of ornament is increased drastically in the global ornament market. According to this, China has produced these bijoux and sold them all over the world. People are ordering this jewellery from online vendors to get their doors easily.

Celebrities and influencers embracing Pixiu Gold Jewellery.

Celebrities and influencers are very popular, and people prefer to follow their lifestyles which is increased after the growth of social media. People observe their lifestyles and try to imitate their styles in day-to-day life.

Most jewellers are using these celebrities and influencers in their advertisements to gain the market for their expensive adornments. They created new trends for mythical creatures and increased the market demand for this type of jewellery in recent times. 

7. How To Choose And Wear Pixiu Gold Jewellery.

You always keep one thing in your mind Pixiu gold jewellery is most expensive than other types of jewellery. However, this ornament is a precious and popular piece of accessories. Don’t forget that personal preference and personal beliefs are the forces to choose and wear this lucky charm jewellery correctly.

Factors to consider when selecting Pixiu gold jewellery.

Selecting ornament is a difficult task because there are many different types in the market. These are some important factors when you are selecting Pixiu gold accessories.

  1. Purpose of your wearing
  2. Design and type of jewellery
  3. The age group of consumer
  4. Select the Solid gold or gold-plated jewellery
  5. Budget of the consumer

The proper way to wear and care for Pixiu gold jewellery.

There are rules to wearing Pixiu gold jewellery to grab its power. This is useful to guide you on how to wear a lucky symbol to your body as a piece of ornament.

  1. Pixiu gold Bracelet: Chinese culture indicates that the left hand is a receiving hand. The bracelet should be worn on your left hand, and the head of the winged lion should show outward.
  2. Pixiu gold Necklace or Pendant: The face of the pendant should be faced upward in front of others, which gives much prosperity from heaven.
  3. Pixiu gold Ring: The ring should be worn on the middle finger, which increases your wealth because the money line is situated in the middle finger vertical line.

You should take care of your lucky ornaments. Loyalty is very important to mythical creatures, which gives wealth properly, so you should touch your lucky charm on a regular and Keep in touch with it.

Don’t touch its eyes and mouth, which disturbs the hunting the wealth. You have to activate the Pixiu, feed with gemstones and coins, do not allow touch adornments by other people and remove the jewellery when you are using the washroom.

There is some circumstance that is your Pixiu jewellery breaks, so you can’t just throw them away. It is bad for wealth and has a negative impact on your life. Pixiu charm should be covered in red cloth and buried in the land.

Tips for incorporating Pixiu gold jewellery into your personal style.

These tips will help you to incorporate pixiu gold jewellery and fit your style. There are huge differences among us in wearing adornments according to our personal preferences.

  • Wear matching jewel with outfits
  • Wear both bracelets and watch on the left hand
  • Select the colour and design of the lucky charm according to your taste.
  • Buy modern jewellery which fits new trends.
  • Select a lucky charm that incorporates stones or other metals.

Final Thought.

The wearer will get so many benefits when they correctly wear the pixiu lucky charm. Gold jewellery is known as a modern type of accessory which not only provides wealth but also enhances the look of an individual. You should buy the appropriate type of gold jewellery to wear because the wrong selection of auspicious animal could lead my problems in your life.

Bracelets, rings and necklaces are common wearing a piece of jewellery in recent days. Each of jewellery has huge good benefits to the wearer. Therefore, before you go to the jeweller to buy your first piece of charm jewel, you should be aware of the purity of the metal, and you have to confirm whether it is solid gold or gold-plated jewellery piece.

Finally, key points which you have to remember, selecting the design is only up to your personal preference because you have to wear it daily to catch all benefits of fortune beast in your life. The set of mind of the wearer plays a major role in getting power, so you want to wear it with a happy mind.

Remember that maintenance and caring for your charm is an essential thing to keep them in active mode to provide every happiness in your life.


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