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  • Retail Assistant

    Providing customer service, handling transactions, and maintaining store appearance at JJ Gold.

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  • Sales Executive

    Driving sales through effective customer engagement, product promotion, and maintaining a compelling shopping experience at JJ Gold.

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  • Customer Service Officer

    Ensuring customer satisfaction through prompt assistance, resolving queries, and maintaining a positive shopping experience at JJ Gold.

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  • Account Receivable Executive

    Managing accounts receivable, ensuring timely payments, and maintaining financial records accurately at JJ Gold.

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  • Human Resource (Admin & Training)

    Managing administrative HR tasks, facilitating employee training, and ensuring smooth HR operations at JJ Gold.

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  • Delivery Driver

    Safely transporting products and ensuring timely deliveries for JJ Gold's customers with a strong focus on service quality.

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  • Social Media Live Host

    Engaging and entertaining audiences through live social media broadcasts to showcase JJ Gold's latest products and promotions.

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  • Account Assistant

    Assisting in financial record-keeping, data entry, and supporting accounting tasks to ensure accurate financial management at JJ Gold.

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  • General Admin

    Providing administrative support, managing office tasks, cleanliness and ensuring smooth day-to-day operations at JJ Gold.

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