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916 Gold Wanzi Chain

916 Gold Wanzi Chain

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22K/916 Gold Chain

Weight : 7.50gm / 17.82gm 

Length : 19 / 26 Inches

Product Description
This stunning 916 Wanzi gold necklace will make your girl happy. Both men and women can wear this chain. This is a perfect gift for a woman who loves unique and memorable. There are in various sizes. The pattern of this chain is also very beautiful. This makes us happier, and the pattern is very attractive. The design of the 916 Wanzi gold chain makes it a captivating choice. Anyone can offer this 916 Wanzi gold chain as a gift to their love and give her a surprise. This charming and remarkable necklace will give you a fortune and make you happy.

JJ Gold Jewellery

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