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916 Gold Hollow Rope Chain (3.5mm series)

916 Gold Hollow Rope Chain (3.5mm series)

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22K Gold Necklace

Weight : 8.83gm - 12.18gm 

Length : 18 - 26 Inches

*Sizing are in Inches

Product Description
916 Hollow rope gold chain is very lightweight, which is understandable for the price given. This chain is made with pure gold. This chain is better to wear for parties and normal life too. This is very smooth, and there are various sizes. It is no exaggeration to say that gold chains are the ultimate accessory for the biggest day of your life. This is a very amazing experience with purchasing for your engagement. It has a really good finish and is well-priced. Also, this is a very charming chain. Both men and women can wear this chain. .

JJ Gold Jewellery

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