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916 Gold Duo Beads Bracelet

916 Gold Duo Beads Bracelet

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916 Gold Bracelet

Weight: 4.42gm - 5.17gm

Size: S16.5 - S19

Product Description

Featuring the 916 Gold Duo Beads Bracelet beautiful and elegant the beads give a classy look to your outfit. This bracelet can either be worn with casual clothing or with formal clothing as well. The choice is yours! Add the 916 Gold Beads Bracelet to your look and step out in style! The beads are securely strung that looks stunning, Whether you wear it alone or layer it with other pieces, you'll love how this bracelet can complement any outfit. This bracelet is the perfect statement piece for your next night out. Featuring 916 Gold Duo beads and a gorgeous taper, its elegance matches everything from casual jeans to formal gowns.

JJ Gold Jewellery

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