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916 Gold Classic Maeve Ring

916 Gold Classic Maeve Ring

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22K/916 Gold Ring 

Weight:  4.14gm

Size: S21

Product Description

A classic and stylish ring that will go well with any outfit. Find the right one for your loved person who can be worn everywhere.916 Maeve classic gold ring can be worn by women to create a look that is unique. This is the minimal engagement ring. it is the purest from gold for any compound making. This is made for comfortable wear consummately crafted to look like a smooth brand. This never goes out of style. This is a perfect touch to this timeless style. This is a expensive collection of gold. When you wear this ring it brings you a fortune and make you life succeed. Astrology believes, it eliminates the all problems that you have. This gives you a peace an simplicity. It is good for engagement occasions. There are clean and smoothie line on the 916 Maeve classic gold ring it gives a good look for it.

JJ Gold Jewellery

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