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916 Gold Abacus Ring

916 Gold Abacus Ring

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916/22K Gold Ring

Weight : 2.93gm - 2.94gm

Size : 19 - 20

Thickness : 5mm

Product Description:

You can buy the 916 Gold Abacus Ring as the best selection. It brings you abundance and wealth. Half-round prosperity abacus gold ring with movable beads. The movement of beads is believed to ring in more sales and business opportunities. The abacus symbolizes the money-wearing one that is said to bring incredible wealth with just the right amount of twinkle. 916 Gold Abacus Ring is guaranteed to become your new fave. Consists of storing silver and goldfield. Sustainable as well as waterproof. It helps to increase the beauty of the fingers. People believe in the middle finger; a ring is expected to enhance honesty and responsible behaviour. Also, this brings you a fortune. This is available for both men and women. You can gift this 916 Gold Abacus Ring to your loved ones and make them happy. Assemble it with other rings, and wearing it alone is very wearable and can easily become your everyday ring. Buy a size abacus ring that fits comfortably. 

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