How can you repair a broken gold necklace at home

How can you repair a broken gold necklace at home: Clear guide

Do you have a broken gold necklace? Are you yearning to know how to fix it at home? Guess what? You are at the right place reading the right article. But first, let's see why your necklace is broken in the first place. How would it have been broken?

How is Gold used?

 How is Gold used?

Gold is exquisite yellow metal, mostly used to make jewellery such as necklaces, rings, earrings, bracelets, anklets, etc. Not only jewellery but Gold is widely used to make valuable ornaments, statues, and fancy things. But we can't utilize Gold in its purest version when making jewellery. The reason is that Gold is a soft metal and we need our jewellery to be strong. Therefore, Gold is mixed with several other metals to increase its strength. 

How your Gold necklace can be broken?

How your Gold necklace can be broken?

As mentioned above, Gold is not a sturdy and unbreakable metal. Because of its softness, it can be easily broken for many reasons. These reasons include the following:

How can I repair a broken gold necklace at home?

How can I repair a broken gold necklace at home


Gold jewellery is a very valuable asset. Therefore, when it is broken or destroyed, it might cost you a lot of money for you to repair it. But most of the time, you can repair a broken gold necklace at home without spending a lot. Many methods can be used to repair a broken necklace at home. Below is the  method that we suggest.

First, let's see what equipment is required for this and what you must consider.

Jewellery pliers 

This is a small hand piler used for delicate things. It is used to fix small things and is also widely used for craft work. Let's take a gold chain, for instance. A gold chain often has a collection of parts with very fine gaps, so it is easy to use these pliers to repair a gold chain.

Working Surface

The working surface used for repairing is also very important. Since this is very delicate work, the place to perform these activities should require extra attention. A ceramic soldering board is better. Because we are dealing with a precious metal like Gold, doing this at home should be done carefully, ensuring that you do not damage the necklace.


Most of the time, some parts of a gold necklace cannot be removed using a jewellery piler alone. At such times, by using the regulator, with the help of the jewellery piler, it is possible to achieve what is required. But one thing to remember is that when heating the necklace using the regulator, ensure you are not damaging the necklace.

Let's repair your broken gold necklace step by step

Step 01:  First, we must clean our broken gold items well. We can do this simply by using water. Although this is not a mandatory part, by washing and cleaning our necklace, we can identify the broken part of the necklace and decide what needs to be done for it.

Step 02: Now remove the broken parts of the chain using the jewellery piler. Again, be delicate! Before doing this, we must keep our gold jewellery properly in the working space mentioned above. Keeping it like this, angle the necklace as required and then cut the broken part very slowly with the help of the jewellery piler.

In some cases, it will be possible to remove the part without cutting the necklace apart by moving the clasp a little. In such cases, you can heat it slightly using the regulator and remove the part with the help of the jewellery piler.

Step 03: Now, we have separate necklaces and buckles. As the next step, put the necklace part with the broken piece removed inside the clasp. Here also, we can use jewellery piler. Using it, we can easily put the broken piece removed necklace part into the claps.

Step 04: Now, at this point, the necklace part and the buckle part are together. Now we have to tighten the buckle. Hold the open part of the buckle with the piler and tighten it. To make it easier, use a regular flame to heat the place slightly. With that heating, the open part of the buckle tightens very easily. Finally, after the two parts on both sides of the fastener are pressed together, you can stop the regulator flame.

There are several things to be aware of when we use a regulator to do this. The important point is that while heating the delicate parts of the delicate body of the series using the regulator, the series should be curved and heated. That is because if you hold the necklace straight and heat it, you might accidentally burn the areas that do not need to be burned.

At this point, we have a complete necklace made by removing the broken parts and connecting the necklace and clasp. The necklace we have now is a little hot because the regulator heated it. Therefore, the heated necklace should be kept for a few hours to cool down. Finally, we can clean and wipe the broken parts of the necklace and finish the repairing stage of our work.

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