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916 Gold Minimalist Ring

916 Gold Minimalist Ring

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22K/916 Gold Ring

Weight: 2.35gm-2.73gm

Size: S12-S17

Product Description

916 Minimalist Gold Ring is very pretty and elegant. The material is also smart. This is elegant and extravagant at the same time and classy. The charming quality of the 916 Minimalist Gold Ring makes that the possibility to wear this any place. There are not so many carvings, and it is also relevant to all ages. And also it has more sizes, and you can buy it in various fits. The quality of the 916 Minimalist Gold Ring is great. Order this as a birthday gift for your wife. She will be happy about your attention to her. This is a good chance to take the love from your wife. 

JJ Gold Jewellery

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