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999 Gold Pixiu with White Howlite

999 Gold Pixiu with White Howlite

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999 Gold Pixiu Bracelet

Gold Weight : Est 0.8gm

Size : 14 - 20 

*All sizes are in cm (e.g. Size 15 = 15cm)

Product Description

Featuring our Gold Pixiu with white howlite stone. This stone is used to bring the best out of you, and it helps you in creating your life’s vision. With it, you can focus on your success and envision what you want for yourself. It also helps with bringing out the leader in you. Gold Pixiu with a white stone is the classic combination of good luck, wealth and prosperity. This is a powerful pairing for those who want to increase their life force, manifest their greatest dreams, and experience increased success in every aspect of life.

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