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916 Gold Red Clover Bracelet (5 Clovers)

916 Gold Red Clover Bracelet (5 Clovers)

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22K Gold Bracelet

Weight : 4.53gm - 4.83gm

Clover Size : 7mm - 10mm 

Length : 17cm

Product Description

Featuring the 916 Red Clover Bracelet, The 916 Red Clover Bracelet can be worn daily, offering a modern twist to the classic red clover bangle. Featuring 916 gold, this bracelet is designed to be worn daily and remain versatile. This is a timeless piece with a classic style, it can be worn for everyday use and for any occasion. Our 916 Red Clover Bracelet is stunning and versatile. The bracelet combines style, rhythm and beauty with a truly unique design. Featuring red clovers in 916 gold, it can be worn daily to create a classic look.

JJ Gold Jewellery

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