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916 Gold Box Chain

916 Gold Box Chain

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916 Gold Necklace

Weight: 3.87gm - 4.00gm

Size: S18

Product Description

Featuring the 916 Gold Box Necklace, this elegant and beautiful necklace is suitable for both men and woman. The 916 Gold box necklace can be easily stacked with the other 916 gold box necklaces to create a statement look. The 916 Gold Box Necklace is a unique and eye catching piece. It features an elegant box shape that complements any outfit. This piece can be worn on daily occasions or can be easily incorporated into the collection for a more stylish look. The 916 Gold Box Necklace is elegant and beautiful. It can be worn for casual or special occasions, or stack the other style of box necklaces together to create a unique look.

JJ Gold Jewellery - JJ Gold Jewellery Singapore

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