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916 Gold Bear Necklace

916 Gold Bear Necklace

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916 Gold Necklace

Weight: 4.67gm - 4.78gm

Size: 18inches

Product Description

916 Bear gold Necklace is simply stunning. This pattern looks and makes it timeless. This is made with pure gold, and it is perfect for both men and women. You add this necklace to your stylish gold collection. This is a perfect gift for the girls because it has a simple, classic, and stylish pattern. The pattern of this necklace is beautiful. This is a good engagement ornament. Furthermore, the beads give a newer look. This charming and remarkable necklace will give you a fortune. This is very useful for making you beautiful. By wearing the 916 Bear gold Necklace people will attract to you.

JJ Gold Jewellery

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