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916 Gold Clover Heart Bracelet

916 Gold Clover Heart Bracelet

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22K Gold Bracelet

Weight: 5.24gm - 5.40gm

Length: 16cm

Product Description

Featuring the 916 Clover heart Bracelet. If you love the 916 Clover heart Bracelet, then this is the perfect keepsake to remind you of your time by the lake, or bring back the memories. The 916 Clover Love Bracelet is a beautiful sterling silver or gold plated bracelet that has two malachite stones and two garnet stones which are set in sterling silver. One malachite stone has “Love” engraved on it and one garnet stone has “Clover” engraved on it. This stunning bracelet is great for everyday wear.

JJ Gold Jewellery

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